Alphaliner UV Method

HydroTech’s innovative Alphaliner is a complete pipe rehabilitation system utilizing exciting, UV curing technology to its fullest potential. Pipeline sections rehabilitated with Alphaliner can expect a service life of approximately 50 years, allowing for a prolonged depreciation period.

Alphaliner UV curing technology is developed and produced by RELINE EUROPE, and has proven itself to be a secure and economic process, accounting for 70% of the European pipeline rehabilitation market.

Method for installing the Alphaliner:

Step 1: The pipe is first cleaned and inspected via CCTV.

Step 2: A protective foil is drawn through the pipe before the Alphaliner, which is then fed through via winch or a conveyor belt.

Step 3: After various inspections the line is cured using alarge UV lamp. UV curing technology caters for the Alphaliner exactly, and has proven itself to be a secure and economic process.

Step 4: Extensive quality checks are performed to ensure a high level of quality and service life.

Benefits to using the Alphaliner UV method:
  • Constant high-level quality control checks are in place throughout the entire process from production to installation.
  • Highest grade of materials used - including a specially crafted glass fibre and resin system, optimised for UV curing.
  • Quick Installation and fast curing times.
  • Environmentally friendly - UV light curing process with lower energy consumption and less pollution compared to traditional CIPP technologies.
  • Very long service life with maximised depreciation period.
  • Ideal solution for a variety of pipe sizes and shapes.

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